Our Staff

The medical, counselling and administrative staff have been carefully chosen for their skills, training, knowledge, compassion and commitment to excellent women’s health care.

Our counsellors are experienced, qualified and professional women who are dedicated to providing individual non-judgmental and supportive counselling in a confidential atmosphere.

All of our nursing staff at the clinic are professional, registered nurses committed to providing competent and sensitive nursing care to our patients.

All of our medical and abortion procedures are performed by experienced, highly skilled male and female physicians who are members of the College of the Physicians & Surgeons of BC.

Our clinic is dedicated to ensuring women’s ongoing access to safe, quality and accessible abortion care. In the aim of contribting to high quality abortion care, our clinic initiates and participates in research. As an important part of our goal to support reproductive choice for women, we also serve as a training site for nursing and medical students, residents and physicians.