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5 HUGE Digital Marketing Trends For Event Presenters

This is a big ‘HUGE’ as it has been observed that, while the technology industry is booming and constantly coming up with new features and applications, the event industry is struggling with this pace. The only techy stuff organizers really feel comfortable with is Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Here are five digital marketing trends event presenters can use to improve their marketing strategies.

  1. Mobile Devices

Google changed its algorithm to favor mobile-friendly sites due to 60% of internet traffic being generated by mobile devices. If you don’t know about this change, your chances of appearing on the first page in Google’s search results might be reduced. You don’t have to worry, however, as you can still compete for the title if you avoid these factors.

  • Buttons and links that are very small
  • Text that is difficult to read and decipher
  • Requirement for Horizontal Scrolling
  • Unsupported plug-ins

Google Webmaster” is a tool called “Mobile-Friendly Test

  1. Algorithm for the New News Feed

Let’s start by sharing a fun fact: if you repeat that title five times it becomes funny.

Now that you’re smiling big, let me tell you all about Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm update. It’s less new than it is, but more like going back to the beginning. Facebook is now prioritizing the posts of family and friends over those from liked pages. You might have to pay a substantial sum if your posts are not to be lost in the mix of vacation diaries and relationship status updates.

  1. Re-tweet Comment

You already know what I mean when you hear the term “tweet”. You are familiar with the frustration you felt when you tried to cite someone else’s tweet. The copy-pasting, trying too hard to get your comments in, and giving them credit for the tweet all took place in 140 characters. It’s not happening, Twitter. Twitter finally achieved this feat when it introduced “re-tweet and comment”. This allows you to quote someone’s tweet, as well as add 116 characters. This allows you to keep track of how effective your advertising is and lets you interact better with your followers.

  1. Pay attention to where you’re going

Apple is on your side! The launch of the Apple Watch is a stupid pun but it’s a very important trend you can leverage to your advantage. According to statistics, the Watch will be used by approximately 50 million people by 2016. If you don’t want your audience to be left behind, you can come up with creative ways to include Apple Watch into your events. This will make you a more tech-savvy presenter and impress your attendees.

  1. LinkedIn’s Pulse

If you think it’s difficult to get people to your blog via LinkedIn, there is a smart solution: bring your blog to LinkedIn. Pulse allows you to blog directly on LinkedIn. The posts will be categorized so that users can find relevant feeds. However, it is important to ensure that Pulse posts have the professional edge that LinkedIn offers.

While these may be the few trends that might prove to be of utmost importance to event organizers for event promotion, it will always do good if you keep a persistent eye on whatever is new in the tech market because these industries walk hand-in-hand to provide users with the best products and services.

Niche marketing strategies are key to internet marketers who succeed. This strategy allows them to capitalize on the latest internet marketing trends. You should, too. There are plenty of niche markets that you can make money in. Unfortunately, the gurus won’t tell you how they made it happen nor will they share their niche marketing strategies. This article will show you a simple niche marketing strategy to help you capitalize on current internet marketing trends.

Although this is obvious, many people make mistakes with the first step. Pick a niche market that is hungry. It will be easier to offer them the products they want. It is important to focus on the market and not the product. Although the product is important, it is not as important as the market. Stick with a niche market that is hungry for your product and actively buys it.

Next, you will need to create a product that fits the market you have identified. You don’t need to be too anxious about product creation. It is possible to start small. A simple e-book or audio interview product can often suffice. If the idea of creating products makes you shiver, don’t worry. To get started, you can promote an affiliate product. This is what new internet marketers do and it’s not shameful.

Do extensive keyword research once you have your product. This can take several hours or even days. It is well worth the time. This means that you don’t want to create websites and squeeze pages with keywords that are highly competitive. It will be nearly impossible for search engines to index your site, and you’ll soon get discouraged.

After you have found the hungry crowd, find the product they want to buy, and choose the keywords, it’s time for you to promote your site and product through search engines. Watch your internet empire grow. This is how a small guy can compete in the online marketing industry.

A simple marketing strategy such as the one in this article is what makes a struggling internet marketer a successful one.

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