Small Business Ideas and Changing the World

Small business ideas can lead to great small businesses. You can look at any business and find a person who had an idea, created a business, and helped others. I am an “idea guy”. Why? Because ideas are the source of everything, including all business-related things. If the idea is solid enough and the person who implements it is competent enough, then the idea and the action combination will change the world.

One of my favorite things is to read about successful business people. A person with an idea, whether it be a man or woman, that would become a concept and then a product, or service, was the one who created a successful business. Many inspiring stories are available about how businesses were created and run. They are all fascinating because they encourage me to think about the potential of small business ideas and how they can impact the world. Madam C J Walker is one of my favorite stories.

In 1867, she was born in the Deep South, an area of extreme discrimination and disadvantage for African Americans. She was born to slave parents and the youngest of five siblings. Her difficulties in life didn’t end there. She lost both her parents at the tender age of twenty-two. Her husband died shortly after her birth, leaving her with a daughter of two years. To be with her brothers, she moved to another state and began to develop an idea that was born in her years.

Madam C J Walker has married again. She was well into her thirties when she started experimenting with a product that would treat hair loss and other scalp problems common to women at the time. She developed several products and started selling them across the United States with her husband, driven by her passion. She had her own manufacturing facility and a college that she trained hair culturists within a few years. Madam C J Walker was the first woman to become a millionaire by herself, despite numerous and significant disadvantages. Her story is an example of how you can overcome all odds and succeed with your idea. Because of her personal strength and ingenuity and her small business ideas, she was able to make a huge impact on the lives of millions of women. Many people have great ideas.

Great ideas are perhaps the most common thing. It’s not lack of ideas that is the problem; it excuses people make not to take action. One idea was the basis of all the soft drinks. It was a simple idea that was turned into a recipe and then put onto paper. Then it was tucked away in someone’s pocket. That idea would have remained an “idea” for all time if someone didn’t take the chance to act on it and see what would happen. The world has changed because of them. An idea is essential to create a business that succeeds. But it doesn’t have to be a generic idea. It must be unique and never been thought of or acted on, filling a need or desire of many people and be possible to develop, produce, and sell. How can small business ideas be brought to life? These are some questions to consider:

1. Is this a new idea?

It is likely that it has already been done or is well-known. If the idea is a new twist on an already existing one that would greatly improve it.

2. Is this a reasonable idea?

The logical standard is that an idea can only be as good or feasible as it is possible. It would be wonderful to have a product that makes your front lawn grow as long as you want it to but still leaves it green and healthy. Is this feasible or practical? There are many ideas, and many of them are viable. However, they don’t always get realized because the cost of producing them or the hassle involved is too high.

3. Does the idea fit in my area of expertise or interest?

People are usually good at something or have an interest in a particular area. The developer must have a deep understanding of the product, or at the very least, a serious interest in the product to be able to develop small business ideas. The fastest way to success is a small business that stems from passion. The idea is the first step in building the business, organization, or enterprise that will make a difference in the world. Next, ideas are combined with passion, determination, and intelligence. The results can change lives, not just for entrepreneurs, but for everyone.

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